Kansas City is Close to Basswood Resort

The weather is starting to break, or at least it seems to be. This year the weather seems to be following a two steps forward, one step back system. Regardless though, you know that you can relax and have fun in a country stetting when you visit Basswood Resort Campground and Country Inn. However, you … Continued

Get Your RV Ready

You’ve had to hunker down for the winter. Granted, for the most part this winter wasn’t as bad as most, but you’re a free bird and you’ve been caged too long. You’re ready to head on over to Basswood Resort Campground and Country Inn and revel in the springtime bliss. Walking outside without the air … Continued

Like Gaming?

Basswood Resort Campground and Country Inn are a great way to get away from the stress of life, and relax in a country setting. However, you won’t be completely divorced from action unless you want to be. You can always take a gamble and spend some time seeing the table action at nearby casinos About … Continued

The Downtown Power and Light District

You’ve enjoyed getting away from it all. Especially after the holidays you need to recharge and sometimes that works best by just getting some space. At Basswood Resort Campground and Country Inn, you can do that and do it quite well and while you’re at it enjoy some sight seeing at The Downtown Power and … Continued

Visit an American Institution while at Basswood

Sometimes winter can make you feel like a caged beast. Unless you’re into winter sports, there often isn’t much to do when the snow is piling up and the roads are covered in ice. We can understand that feeling. So, when you’re staying at Basswood Resort Campground and Country Inn this winter, why not spend … Continued

Winter Excitement in Platte City

Let the faint of heart spend all their time migrating south as soon as the leaves fall. That’s for the birds, not for you. You want to experience winter in all its glory. Is it really winter if there’s no snow on the ground? No bite in the air? When you’re visiting Platte City, Mo … Continued

The Holiday Season at Basswood Resort Campground and Country Inn

You’re looking to spend the holidays somewhere else. Maybe you’re just tired of all the family events or playing host. You want to just get away for at least part of the holiday season. You’ve picked the beautiful Basswood Resort Campground and Country Inn and who can blame you? Missouri is a wonderful destination to … Continued

Some Platte City History

Located in beautiful Missouri, guests at Basswood Resort Campground and Country Inn, always know a little something about Kansas City, which is nearby, but usually can’t tell us anything about Platte City, our actual hometown. That’s a true shame because Platte City has plenty of history to offer. About Basswood Resort Campground and Country Inn … Continued

Star Lodges at Basswood

Often when people think of Basswood Resort Campground and Country Inn, they summon up an image of camping or parking an RV. However, that isn’t the only thing offered here. While you can stay at a primitive campsite or hook up your rig, there is another option; houses. Perhaps the most interesting are the celebrity … Continued

Kansas City and Basswood Campground

You want to get away from it all. Well, mostly. You’d like to be far enough from it all that the rest of the world isn’t intruding on you, but you also want to be close enough just in case you want to reach out to it. That is the best thing about the Basswood … Continued